About NAQC

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The Nursing Alliance for Quality Care (NAQC) has been managed by the American Nurses Association (ANA) since April 2013.

The NAQC had been previously housed at The George Washington University School of Nursing (GWSON) since its inception and is now the "go to" organization in the field for advancing high-quality, patient-centered health care. NAQC’s mission and focus remain the same. NAQC’s permanent home with ANA has allowed it to further build upon its work to achieve quality and safety for all patients. The Alliance has maintained the same membership structure and will always continue to accept additional member organizations. The GWSON has remained an active member in the alliance. The current chair of the NAQC is the NAQC representative for GWSON.

For more information contact: Cheryl Peterson, Vice President of Nursing Programs, American Nurses Association at naqc@ana.org.

The NAQC is a bold partnership among the nation’s leading nursing organizations, consumers, and other key stakeholders to advance the highest quality, safety and value of consumer-centered health care for all individuals, their families, and their communities. NAQC believes that only with stronger, more unified nursing policy ‘voices’ will we achieve dramatic and sustainable achievement in quality and safety for the American public.

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