NAQC Newsletter

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Audiocast of Oct. 5 IOM Briefing: Ways Nursing Can Advance Health Care Improvements
The National Press Club will hold a public briefing to discuss recommendations in the new report by the IOM committee on the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Initiative on the Future of Nursing. The recommendations will serve as the blueprint for expanding access, improving quality, and reducing cost in the American health care system. Listen to audiocast of meeting.


  • DONNA E. SHALALA, PH.D., Committee Chair
  • LINDA BURNES BOLTON, DR.P.H., R.N., FAAN, Committee Vice Chair
  • HARVEY V. FINEBERG, M.D., M.P.P., PH.D., President, Institute of Medicine
  • RISA LAVIZZO-MOUREY, M.D., M.B.A., President and CEO, Robert Wood Johnson Foundation


  • 10 a.m. EDT Tuesday, Oct. 5

NAQC Announces its Strategic Direction
NAQC and its board of directors has approved its priority focus to include care coordination and patient and family engagement in care. These two areas meet several criteria important to the initiative: they are impacted by the care of nurses, they are highlighted in the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act; and they are consistent with The National Priorities Partnership goals. We invite you to read our full roadmap.

NAQC Selected to Serve as Member of the National Priorities Partnership (NPP)
The National Priorities Partnership is a Partner organization of over 30 organizations that have significant influence over healthcare, uniquely positioning them to improve America's health and healthcare system. Currently, NPP has been tasked to provide input into the National Health Strategy being developed by the Secretary of HHS.

The Partnership has a vision for world-class, affordable healthcare and is transforming healthcare from the inside out. NAQC is privileged to have the opportunity to participate with these esteemed leaders to forge quality care. Learn more.